Degree Programs

NMSU’s distance education degree programs are designed to serve students who may not be able to pursue an education through traditional means. NMSU offers Bachelor degree completion programs, Masters and Doctorate programs, and a number of Graduate Certificate and K-12 NM educator licensure and endorsement programs.

Please contact the listed distance education director for your degree program.


Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education

Degree Completion Program

Program Sites: Alamogordo, Carlsbad, Grants

College: Education

Program Category: Interactive Television (ITV)

Description: The program is designed to prepare individuals for teaching in public and private, and governmental institutions in New Mexico and for certification by the New Mexico State Board of Education. This program includes both general education courses and professional education courses related to specific practice settings. Through extensive field experiences and research projects the students will gain the skills and abilities to teach children with professionalism and with the most innovative practices.

Delivery method: Interactive Television (ITV)

Requirements: 132 credit hours including a minimum of 48 upper division credit hours (300 level or higher) with a cumulative GPA of 2.50 or above.

Costs: Current main campus tuition and fees plus a $35 per credit hour distance education fee. See the University Accounts Receivable Tuitions and Fees for the current rate.

Prerequisites: Complete at least 55 hours of undergraduate course work and complete all Teacher Education Program (TEP) prerequisite courses with a grade of "C" or better.

  • CEP 210 Educational Psychology
  • EDLT 368 Integrating Technology with Teaching
  • EDUC 181 Field Experience I
  • EDUC 315 Multicultural Education
  • EMD 101 Freshman orientation
  • EMD 250 Introduction to Education
  • ENGL 111G Rhetoric and Composition*
  • ENGL 211G Writing in the Humanities and Social Sciences*
  • MATH 111 Fundamentals of Elementary Math I
  • MATH 112G Fundamentals of Elementary Math II )*
  • SPED 350 Survey of Programs for Exceptional Learners

*Refer to the college catalog for course prerequisites.

To apply:

  • Admission to NMSU as an undergraduate student.
  • Complete the general education and professional education requirements. Refer to classes listed under the categories of "Areas I-V " and "Professional Education" in the degree requirements.
  • Students must pass the New Mexico Teacher Assessments Basic Skills test (NMTA) prior to applying to the Teacher Education Program (TEP). The minimum score required is 240.
  • Meet the requirements to qualify for the Teacher Education Program (TEP).
  • Meet basic skill requirements for NMSU (ready to take MATH 111/120, ENGL 111G).
  • Have a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or better.
  • Have completed at least 55 credit hours of undergraduate course work.

Apply for the Teacher Education Program (TEP) by submitting a professionally bound portfolio that includes copies of NMTA scores, descriptions of participations in campus activities and volunteering, as well as several other items.

Accreditation: NMSU is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission
HLC website
HLC phone: 800-621-7440

Specialized Accreditation: National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education* (As of 2013, NCATE has consolidated with Teacher Education Accreditation Council to form CAEP (Council for the accreditation of Educator Preparation)

More info: College of Education

Disabilities: If you have a disability that may affect your performance in a course, or if you require accommodations in order to take a distance education course, contact NMSU's Student Accessibility Services (SAS). Providing accommodations for distance education students sometimes requires more time than in a traditional classroom setting so students are encouraged to begin working with SAS as early as possible.

Updated: 2018-06-06