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NMSU’s distance education degree programs are designed to serve students who may not be able to pursue an education through traditional means. NMSU offers Bachelor degree completion programs, Masters and Doctorate programs, and a number of Graduate Certificate and K-12 NM educator licensure and endorsement programs.

Please contact the listed distance education director for your degree program.


Bachelor of Family and Child Sciences

College: Agriculture, Consumer and Environmental Sciences

Program Category: Online

Description: Focuses on the interrelationship of individuals throughout the life span and the impact of social and economic factors on the family system. Students learn about communication skills, human growth and development, family dynamics, parenting and child guidance skills, family economic issues, and research and theory. Graduates are prepared for professional work with social and community agencies serving individuals and families.

Delivery method: Courses are offered online in a rotation, internship is required but can be completed online by working with the internship coordinator.

Requirements: A minimum of 120 credits is required for graduation, effective with the 2016-17 catalog.The course work for the freshmen and sophomore years may be completed at a junior or community college.

Department requirements for a Major in Family & Child Science

  • FCS 181 (3) Interpersonal Skills in Intimate Relationships
  • FCS 380 (3) Family Dynamics
  • FCS 381 (3) Middle Childhood Development
  • FCS 383 (3) Parenting and Child Guidance
  • FCS 424 (8) Field Experience: Issues and Ethics (must enroll for 2 semesters of field placement)
  • FCS 446 (3) Adolescent Development and the Family
  • FCS 447 (3) Infancy and Early Childhood Development
  • FCS 448 (3) The Aging Family
  • FCS 449G (3) Family Ethnicities and Subcultures
  • FCSC 400 (3) Research Methods in FCS
  • FCSE 348 (3) Teaching in Informal FCSC Settings
  • FCSE 345 (3) Mgt Concepts in FCSC Teaching
  • FRMG 330 (3) Personal and Family Finance
  • FRMG 333 (3) Consumer Practices and Problems
  • HNDS 251 (3) Human Nutrition
  • CAST 301V (3) Introduction to Child Advocacy
  • CAST 302 (3) Professional & Systems Response to Child Maltreatment
  • CAST 303 (3) Prevention, Trauma Informed Treatment and Advocacy
Minor courses (REQUIRED,Select 3-6 courses; 9-18 hours)

With the approval of an FCS adviser,select a minor related to the FCS field such as CAST, CEP, ECED, GERO, HL S, PSY, SOC, S WK and WS.

Costs: Current main campus tuition and fees plus a $35 per credit hour distance education fee. See the University Accounts Receivable Schedule of Costs for the current tuition rate. In addition to the in-state undergraduate tuition applies is a student takes si

To apply: Contact the FCS Deparment directly.

Accreditation: NMSU is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission
HLC website
HLC phone: 800-621-7440

Specialized Accreditation: National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education* (As of 2013, NCATE has consolidated wit

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Disabilities: If you have a disability that may affect your performance in a course, or if you require accommodations in order to take a distance education course, contact NMSU's Student Accessibility Services (SAS). Providing accommodations for distance education students sometimes requires more time than in a traditional classroom setting so students are encouraged to begin working with SAS as early as possible.

Updated: 2017-06-28