Degree Programs

NMSU’s distance education degree programs are designed to serve students who may not be able to pursue an education through traditional means. NMSU offers Bachelor degree completion programs, Masters and Doctorate programs, and a number of Graduate Certificate and K-12 NM educator licensure and endorsement programs.

Please contact the listed distance education director for your degree program.


Post BA Elementary Licensure

Program Sites: Alamogordo, Carlsbad, Grants

College: Education

Program Category: Hybrid

Description: The College of Education at New Mexico State University offers an Elementary Education degree completion programs at the NMSU branch campuses in Alamogordo, Carlsbad, and Grants. Individuals who already have a Bachelors degree and would like to earn an Elementary (K-8) Teaching License and a Master of Arts in Education can complete the program with courses offered in conjunction with the degree completion programs.

Some courses that are offered at the graduate level on the Main Campus can be taken as lower division courses at the branch campuses. Students who have taken teacher preparation courses at other institutions may be able to qualify for course substitutions.

Delivery method: Interactive Television (ITV)

Requirements: Completion of the following courses after admission to the TEP:

Block A (12 credits)

  • EDUC 550 Early Childhood Education
  • EDUC 551 Methods of Teaching Elementary Science
  • RDG 560 Elementary School Literacy I
  • SPED 360 Curriculum, Methods & Materials in SPED

Block B (15 credits)

  • EDUC 552 Methods of Teaching Elementary Mathematics
  • EDUC 553 Methods of Teaching Elementary Language Arts
  • EDUC 554 Methods of Teaching Elementary Social Studies
  • RDG 561 Elementary School Literacy II
  • EDUC 505 Classroom Management

Student Teaching Block (9 credits)

  • EDUC 509 Teaching Methods Laboratory
  • EDUC 510 Internship/Student Teaching

Additional Courses for the MA (9 credits)

  • EDUC 519 Research in Curriculum & Pedagogy
  • EDUC 516 Curriculum and Pedagogy I
  • EMD 572 History & Philosophy of American Ed

Costs: Current main campus tuition and fees plus a $35 per credit hour distance education fee. See the University Accounts Receivable Tuitions and Fees for the current rate.

Prerequisites: The Teacher Education Program (TEP) has the following prerequisite courses:

  • EDUC 515 Multicultural Education
  • EDUC 518 Technology and Pedagogy
  • SPED 500 Special Education for Regular Educators
  • MATH 111 Fundamental of Elementary Math I
  • EMD 250 Introduction to Education (or EDUC 530 if offered)
  • CEP 512 Human Growth & Behavior

To apply:

  • Admission to the Graduate School.
  • Acceptance into the Dept of Curriculum & Instruction Master of Arts program.
  • Admission into the Teacher Education Program (TEP).
  • Pass the Basic Skills portion of the New Mexico Teacher Assessments (NMTA) with a score of 240 or better.

Accreditation: NMSU is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission
HLC website
HLC phone: 800-621-7440

Specialized Accreditation:

More info: Post BA Licensure in Elementary Education

Disabilities: If you have a disability that may affect your performance in a course, or if you require accommodations in order to take a distance education course, contact NMSU's Student Accessibility Services (SAS). Providing accommodations for distance education students sometimes requires more time than in a traditional classroom setting so students are encouraged to begin working with SAS as early as possible.

Updated: 2017-08-17