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NMSU’s distance education degree programs are designed to serve students who may not be able to pursue an education through traditional means. NMSU offers Bachelor degree completion programs, Masters and Doctorate programs, and a number of Graduate Certificate and K-12 NM educator licensure and endorsement programs.

Please contact the listed distance education director for your degree program.


Master of Arts in Agricultural and Extension Education

College: Agriculture, Consumer and Environmental Sciences

Program Category: Hybrid

Description: This program is primarily intended for New Mexico educators in public secondary schools; community colleges; and non-formal educational positions with the Cooperative Extension Service, New Mexico Department of Agriculture, other government agencies, and industry who wish to further develop their educational, leadership, communication, and technical skills while working full-time. Secondary public school teachers can utilize this degree program to achieve Level III teacher licensure. The degree program can be utilized for professional development and advancement. The following courses should have widespread applicability for a number of professional positions:

  • AXED 488 4-H Youth Development (1cr)
  • AXED 500 The Diffusion and Adoption of Agricultural Innovations (3cr)
  • AXED 515 Youth Program Development and Management (3cr)
  • AXED 530 Adult and Nonformal Education (3cr)
  • AXED 556 Research Methods (3cr)
  • AXED 565 New Mexico Water Issues (3cr)
  • AXED 571 Data Collection and Analysis (3cr)
  • AXED 575 Leadership on Agricultural and Natural Resource Issues (3cr)
  • AXED 593 Seminar (1cr) or AXED 594 Professional Conference or Workshop (1cr)
  • AXED 598 Creative Component (3-4cr) or AXED 599 Master's Thesis (4-6cr)

Students can also enroll in independent studies and internships (examples: AXED 490, 557, 558, 559, and 595) and graduate distance education courses in other departments to complete degree requirements (examples: Educational Management and Development courses, Family and Consumer Sciences courses, etc.)

Delivery method:

  • AXED 488 100% Canvas
  • AXED 500 100% Canvas (Real Time)*
  • AXED 515 100% Canvas (Real Time)*
  • AXED 525 60% Canvas (Real Time)*, 40% Friday/Saturday Face-to-Face
  • AXED 530 100% Canvas (Real Time)*
  • AXED 544 100% Canvas (Real Time)*
  • AXED 556 100% Canvas (Real Time)*
  • AXED 565 100% Canvas (Real Time)*
  • AXED 571 100% Canvas (Real Time)*
  • AXED 575 100% Canvas (Real Time)*

*Real Time: Distance students participate in class using Adobe Connect through Canvas. Class is taught in real time (usually 4:30 - 7:00 pm) involving both students in th classroom and distance students. Adobe Connect allows students to see/hear activities in the classroom as well as participate in classroom activities and discussion and ask questions. In addition all class sessions are recorded and archived for review by any student (face-to-face or distance) enrolled in the class).

Overall 18% Canvas (100%), 10% Friday/Saturday Face-to-Face, 10% Canvas Real Time and 2 Friday/Saturday Face-to-Face, 62% Canvas Real time.

Non-Thesis Option: Minimum 32 Credit Hours
Thesis Option: Minimum 30 Credit Hours

Required Courses:

  • AXED 525 Graduate Teaching Methods (3cr)-Required if the student has not previously had a teaching methods course.
  • AXED 556 Research Methods (3cr)
  • AXED 571 Data Collection and Analysis (3cr)
  • AXED 593 Seminar (1cr) or AXED 594 Professional Conference or Workshop (1cr)
  • AXED 598 Creative Component (3-4cr) or AXED 599 Master Thesis (4-6cr)

Costs: Current main campus tuition and fees plus a $35 per credit hour distance education fee. See the University Accounts Receivable Tuitions and Fees for the current rate.

Students are responsible for their travel costs for face-to-face sessions and field trips unless indicated otherwise.

Prerequisites: None.

To apply: The application procedures for the Graduate School must be followed. Departmental requirements for application for admission are:

a. Letter of Application: A two-page letter of application should clearly identify the applicants professional and career goals as well as reasons for pursuing the Master of Arts in Agricultural and Extension Education. The letter should be typed and double-spaced.

b. Letters of Reference: Applicants should request three (3) letters of reference from individuals who know them well enough to comment on their skills and abilities as well as their ability to complete graduate level work. Letters of reference must be obtained from individuals outside of the Agricultural and Extension Education department. Standard reference forms are available from the department, but personal letters may also be submitted.

c. All materials requested by the department may be uploaded on the application website.

Graduate Program Coordinator
Agricultural and Extension Education
P.O. Box 30003, MSC 3501
New Mexico State University
Las Cruces, NM 88003-8003
Phone: (575) 646-4511

d. Personal Interview: Upon receipt of all application materials, a personal interview may be required at the discretion of the department’s Graduate Studies Committee.

All information is considered in its totality in the admission process. Each applicant is considered in terms of whether it appears he or she will be able to successfully complete the program and make a contribution to agricultural and Extension education. As the number of graduate students in the department increases, the admission process becomes more competitive.

Accreditation: NMSU is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission
HLC website
HLC phone: 800-621-7440

Specialized Accreditation: