Policies and Procedures

These policies and procedures are targeted to NMSU faculty and staff and explain the following:

Definition of a distance education course

Distance Education (DE) at NMSU is defined as “the formal educational process of delivering instruction so that students physically remote from the campus of program origin and/or instructor may participate” (NMSU Policy Manual, 5.25.30). A distance education course may allow participation from a remote computer or a remote location, or may be a face-to-face course taught in a remote location. Distance education courses can serve on-campus students, but they must allow remote participation.

The following courses are considered distance education courses and are scheduled by the departments through Academic Scheduling.

  • Online courses are delivered with greater than or equal to 80% web-based technologies and 20% or less face-to-face instruction.
  • Offsite courses are face-to-face courses, with or without web-based technologies, offered at a location other than the Las Cruces campus .
  • Interactive television courses are courses that use ITV to deliver instruction.

Distance education administration

The Distance Education unit works with the Distance Education Directors or contacts (information below) in the six academic colleges.

College Coordinator Phone
Agriculture and Consumer Economics Academic Associate Dean (575) 646-3210
Arts and Sciences Academic Associate Dean (575) 646-2003
Business Academic Associate Dean (575) 646-5431
Education DE Director (575) 646-1500
Engineering DE Director (575) 646-2730
Health and Human Services Academic Associate Dean (575) 646-3526

The Director of the Office of Distance Education coordinates distance learning programs.  In addition, staff members at the NMSU Community Colleges recruit, advise, and coordinate DE Programs and courses for their campuses.

DE Contacts Phone
Director, Distance Education, Las Cruces Campus (575) 646-1650
Albuquerque Center (505) 830-2856
Advising, Alamogordo Campus (575) 439-3720
Academic Advising Center, Dona Ana Campus (575) 528-7272
Counseling and Student Development, Carlsbad Campus (575) 234-9337
Grants Campus (505) 287-6678


You must be admitted as an NMSU student in order to take courses.

For information visit Prospective StudentsUndergraduate Admissions, Graduate Admissions or International Student Admissions.

Course Delivery Fee

Distance education courses carry an additional charge of $35.00 per credit hour. Therefore, a student enrolling in a three-hour course will pay a Course Delivery Fee (CDF)  of $105.00 in addition to course tuition. The CDF is used entirely to support and maintain distance education degree and certificate programs. The fees are periodically reviewed and revised by the University Budget Committee.

Delivery methods

A number of synchronous and asynchronous tools are available to faculty and students at NMSU. While synchronous tools provide for more traditional interaction with students, asynchronous tools provide for time-flexible interactions. Faculty members choose one or more delivery methods that are appropriate for their courses, students, programs, and desired learning outcomes.

Delivery options include:

  • Asynchronous web-based delivery using campus learning management system
  • Synchronous web-based delivery using audio conferencing software
  • Two-way interactive audio and video (ITV)
  • Face-to-face interaction at a remote site
  • Print, CD, DVD, or videotape delivery

Scheduling distance education courses

Distance education courses are scheduled by the department offering the course, directly with Academic Scheduling. All DE courses (M70-89) are coded with an Instructional Method of CDF (Course Delivery Fee) with additional information on the delivery mode in the Schedule Type.

BANNER distance location codes

These codes are used in Banner to indicate where a DE course is being offered.

BLDG Code Location
S-BR Albuquerque
S-CH Roswell
S-CI Grants
S-DA Las Cruces
S-ED Carlsbad
S-GR Silver City
S-LA Los Alamos/LANL
S-OT Alamogordo
S-RA Chama
S-SJ Farmington
S-WSC White Sands Missile Range
S-US Study Abroad/Outside NM
S-MA WebCT/Online

Programs supported by an outside agency

Outside agencies (e.g., school districts, private companies, government agencies) may request that a program be available for their constituents. These agreements should be negotiated directly with the college and or department.