100% Online 2+2 Bachelor’s Degrees

Students can earn a 100% online bachelor’s degree by completing the first two years (2) through NMSU Alamogordo Community College (NMSU – A) and the second two years (2) through NMSU Las Cruces (NMSU – LC), also known as a 2+2 online degree format. The academic degree plans are aligned for a smooth transition between programs and colleges.

NMSU – A NMSU – LC Alamo – LC
Associate of Arts  Bachelors of Arts in Sociology Degree Overview Degree Plan
Prebusiness Associate  Bachelors of Business Administration (General Business) Degree Overview Degree Plan
 Prebusiness Associate  Bachelors of Business Administration (Marketing) Degree Overview Degree Plan


To learn more about 100% online education programs available from our NMSU system campuses, visit:


Dona Ana Community College

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